Swimprousa - Deceptive business practice

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Swimprousa adds a substantial handling fee to your purchase AFTER you confirm purchase with no indication of a handling fee anywhere on the site including terms and conditions.Beware.

I purchased a spa and pool ph meter on May 22, 2012 the cost was $12.99 shipping was free the total cost at checkout was described as $12.99. After entering credit card and address information the total price was calculated as $12.99.

After complete purchase was clicked, the confirmation included a $9.99 handling charge.Throughout the checkout process, while there was a line for shipping, there was never even a line for handling.

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Swimprousa - Incomplete Product Description yet big return fee

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I bought 2 circulators from SWIMPRO USA and found that they need

external threads on the swimming pool return. My pool returns do not

have external threads. They have internal threads. I checked on the

Internet sites and found that most pool returns have

internal threads (in fact I could not find any device that requires

external thread). This means I need to buy the internal thread to

external thread adapter that is sold by the manufacturer for 1/3 of the price of the circulators.

I think this is excessive and should have been disclosed on the product

description page. There is no way I could have guessed that this product requires special pool returns.

It took 3 email reminders to get the RMA. After I

obtained an RMA, I returned the items in the same conditions that I had

received. I waited for a month but no refund. When I reminded again, I

was refunded 60% of the money I had paid. Which I think is excessive

given that they had not correctly described the item and never explained

to me whether it will count as my mistake or their mistake. Even now

when I asked for explanation, the simple email said "The returns manager

followed the returns policy." I wish they would have provided details of how the amount was arrived at.

This is my last order to them. I do not recommend this store to anyone.

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Never buy from SwimProUSA.Com


I purchased a Spa Broom from Swim Pro USA and it was shipped only in the product box and not put into other box to protect it from damage. The box came completely crushed and the spa broom does not work.

I contacted Swim Pro USA and they refused to replace my broom or refund my money. They told me that if I have a problem with the product to contact the manufacturer. I will never, ever buy from them again.

Buyers please beware. I would seriously consider purchasing from someone

else so that you do not get scammed the way that I did.

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